Meil on pakkuda suur valik kvaliteetseid matkaautosid ja haagissuvilaid. Meie kogenud spetsialistid teostavad matkaautodele ja haagissuvilatele põhjaliku seisukorra kontrolli, et teie reis mööduks muretult. Tee oma unistus teoks ja vali omale meelepärane matkaauto või haagissuvila juba täna!

Finland's best selection of motorhomes

Enjoy the freedom of a motorhome - all year round! Whether your destination is in northern or central Europe, a motorhome is a safe and easy travel companion wherever you go. Don't miss your dreams, go on the adventure of your life!

We have a record number of motorhomes and caravans. Our stores is located in Tampere and Kokkola.

Caravanlandia has the widest range of used motorhomes and caravans in Finland. Every year, hundreds of customers find used motorhome or caravan from Caravanlandia, which suits their needs.

Our staff are the best experts in their field, helping you find the most affordable motorhome or caravan. We are also happy to advise you on inspections, registration and financing. We serve in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Motorhome seller of the year 2019 in Finland.

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Easy and fast vehicle sales

A range of more than 200 motorhomes and caravans. We want you to have a carefree and safe drive - wherever you go.

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Sales Kokkola


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Sales Tampere

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Julius Vartola

Sales Tampere

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Kairi Alanko

Sales assistant

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Alexandra Klingenberg

Vehicle secretary

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